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Bryan Pollard

Since 1998 Bryan Pollard Architect, Inc. has been specializing in custom residential design, planning, and project management.

We are committed to providing a personalized approach to architectural services. Our clients become part of our team. Working hand in hand with qualified local consultants, contractors, and our clients, we create the residence our clients have dreamed about.

Bryan has a great love and appreciation for Santa Barbara and the surrounding communities. He is keenly aware of the importance of environmental sensitivity and historical preservation that is so much a part of Santa Barbara architecture.

Raised and educated in the Midwest, Bryan moved to Santa Barbara in 1988. He has worked on large scale projects around the country, choosing now to focus on residential design in Santa Barbara.

Bryan's curiosity and love of outdoor activities have taken him to places like New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, and Europe, deepening his understanding and appreciation of diverse architectural expressions.